9 Oct 2018, 10:42 CET

The BillerudKorsnäs Trainee Program 2018 has finally started!

Now it’s a month ago since we trainees finally got to start our employments here at BillerudKorsnäs, something we’ve been waiting for all summer. Our group consists of 15 excited individuals spread out in the organization in a wide range of different roles, such as IT & Digitalization, R&D, Business Development, Project Management, Forestry Management, Issue Resolution and Process Engineers. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far.

Kick-off at Aronsborg

We first got to meet each other at Aronsborg during a Kick-off. In the beginning everyone was rather nervous since we didn’t really know what to expect. However, those feelings disappeared rather quickly, partly because of the warm reception we were given and partly because we as a group soon bonded and grew as close as a group can during less than 24 hours. To be honest it is quite impressive how fast you can connect with driven and likeminded people! In excess of getting to know each other, this day was filled with introductions to the company, information regarding what was planned for us during the upcoming year and group exercises regarding our hopes and fears concerning the program.

Our first real test came later that evening, we together as a group was to prepare a three course dinner under the strict supervision by a master chef, silently observing and evaluating our every move… However, we passed with flying colors and the result was a lovely evening filled with laughter. 

Too soon this day had gone past and it was time for all of us to split up and return home and prepare for our first days at our own home departments.

First days at our home departments

The week after the kick-off, all of us went back to our home departments and started to work in our own different roles. Each role has been strategically tailor-made by BillerudKorsnäs to be able to meet future demands. This meant that these weeks looked different for all of us, however, one thing could be said for all of us: we had a lot to learn. The first days was filled with introductions, meetings, getting to know our coworkers and last but not least embracing our new roles. Needless to say, these days were intense. It is quite the challenge, a fun one though, to balance both working and being a trainee as you want to fully commit to both!

After three weeks it was time for us to get together again for our first Business & Development Training as well as our first themed visit.

Business & Development Training Module 1

Near the sea and surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lidingö lies Skogshem&Wijk, a meetings and event hotel, where our four Business & Development Trainings will take place during the year. These trainings are held for both us trainees and the Growth Program. The latter being a program where selected applicants at BillerudKorsnäs get the opportunity to boost their own personal development and to gain further and more extensive knowledge of the company’s strategy and our key areas for going forward. The concept of bringing together us trainees, with new and fresh eyes, and the Growth Program, with more knowledge and experiences in the company, was highly appreciated.

During the first day we got to meet our CEO, Petra, and got the opportunity to both listen to her visions for the company as well as getting answers to questions we had prepared, of which there were a lot. It was of course amazing listening to someone that experienced, but one thing she said, which stuck to all of us, was “Listen to your heart and don’t change who you are”. This was her answer to a question regarding how she coped with her role, being the CEO of a large multinational company, and how she wanted us to choose our paths.

We solemnly swear to live by these words… 

The second day was dedicated to learning about ourselves and others personal preferences with the help of the tool MBTI. It is safe to say that this day was very useful and gave us many insights which will support our development in our daily life, work life and in interactions with others. In excess of MBTI and meeting the Petra, sessions were held in areas such as feedback, keys to high performance teams, change & models of change and finally sustainability. The latter turned into an assignment until the next module of the Business & Development Training.

Yes we still haven’t gotten away from homework even though we are done with school….

During these days when not attending to training sessions we spent most the free time together. We hung out in the game room spending an evening full of friendly contests, went to the spa area enjoying the sauna, working out in the gym trying to stay fit after all of the traditional Swedish “fika” and dined together in the evenings.
After three intensive and fun days the first module of the Business & Development Training was done and it was time for us trainees to continue our trip a bit further up north to Gimo.

Themed Visit: Forestry

As the title say, this visit’s purpose was for us to learn about forestry, the very first part in our value chain. As we produce a lot of fiber based products, forestry management plays a crucial role here at BillerudKorsnäs, ensuring that we operate in a sustainable manner and respect cultural heritages hidden in the forests. Withdrawals from the nature are balanced with caretaking of the land and by planting new trees. After some indoors introductions to forestry management we went out to various areas in which we either were actively operating, tending to the forest or clear-cut areas where we had prepared for and planted new trees. We got to see a logging machine in action, which was a breathtaking spectacle - the skill the driver showed was incredible. Furthermore we got to plant our very own trees, some of which will hopefully enter our own production one day, approximately when we are between 60-140 years old. Furthermore, we also went to a tree nursery where trees are grown and tended for, these are later used to compensate for our operations. By doing this we are managing our forests in such a way that the growth rate of our forest surpass the withdrawal rate.

During this visit we also spent an evening where we got to try skeet shooting and sniping, this was exciting as most of us hadn’t tried any of it before.

That’s all for now! But we will return with more posts here to keep you updated. Also, if you want to follow us during our journey this year we would strongly recommend that you follow BillerudKorsnäs on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Best regards
The BillerudKorsnäs Trainees

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