22 Nov 2018, 8:00 CET

Themed visit at Gruvön – Corrugated solutions

During the last week of October the entire trainee group gathered at our Gruvön mill, located in Grums just outside of Karlstad, for a full week regarding corrugated solutions. We had the chance to listen to colleagues from several different areas within the business, walk a guided tour at the mill, work together on case assignments, visit a customer, and much more.

Two of my trainee colleagues during our guided mill tour – safety first!

Corrugated solutions is actually a pretty cool product segment as it contains two different paper products that we produce at Gruvön, fluting (wavy shaped) and liner (flat). The combination of fluting and liner creates a very strong construction with endless usage opportunities. Combining the elements to a triple layered construction for example allows for application within the heavy duty segment. Let’s just say that the engineer in me was very pleased when we got to visit the Box-Lab that both designs and constructs boxes and performs all kinds of durability and strength tests. Did I mention we also got to do a case work in the box-lab? We got 2 hours to design, construct and pitch a packaging solution for a potential customer – quite the challenge but very fun!

Left picture: Competitive colleagues during the case work in box lab – the solutions were definitely “thinking outside the box”! Right pictures: Case work focusing on group dynamics and collaboration – of course we were producing boxes!

Gruvön is the location of the biggest investment in the history of BillerudKorsnäs with the construction of the 350 m long KM7 supposedly the world’s most modern board machine. Therefore, it was the optimal site for explaining how the company works with both investments and maintenance. It was also very interesting and inspiring to hear about the successes and pitfalls of a project that size as well as of course the technical aspects and expected abilities of this machine. The future is bright alright!

We rounded off the week with a visit to one of our customers that make corrugated board from our fluting and liner. We got a full tour of the production unit where corrugated board is produced, cut into sheets, printed according to end-customer needs and finally cut into the final foldable shape of the desired box. Trust me, there were many cool machines to get all nerdy about!

All 15 trainees outside the production unit of one of our customers DS Smith in Mariestad!

It is hard to fit 5 full days in a blogpost but at least you got a taste of what the life of a trainee can be like. Next post will be written by my colleague Emelie who is based in the R&D department in Gävle – you don’t want to miss that!

So long!

Caroline Blomström
Sourcing & Technology – Logistics