18 Oct 2018, 13:52 CET

Working at my home department - Malin

Alongside the activities within the trainee program we trainees have a home department we are stationed at. My name is Malin and I work as a Process Engineer at the Board Mill in Gävle. I thought this blog post would give some examples on which types of tasks I perform at my home department.

As a Process Engineer at the Board Mill my tasks focus on improving the processes at the paper machines PM4 and PM5. For example I have been given the task to look at the water use at both paper machines here in Gävle, with the goal to find possibilities to reuse already pumped water and reduce the total water use. This would be an environmental advantage, after the heat wave and the drought that this summer has offered I think everyone understand the significance of saving as much water as possible. I feel that this project is a great example of how you can work with tasks that contribute to a sustainable future. 

Another smaller task I have involve some programming in our system for process information. It is a system in which you can find all the data we receive from our process. In this system you also have the possibility to design your own page with information, which is what I am doing. The page that I am creating is a tool for our Production Optimizer to use when optimizing the operation of the mill. The tool will help to facilitate the steering of white liquor flow at different production situations.

At our latest trainee activity we got a project to work on in teams consisting of booth trainees and participants in the BillerudKorsnäs Growth Program. The project is focused on working towards a sustainable future and requires us to talk with people at different parts of the organization to get the whole picture of the concept. Resulting in many interesting meeting with inspiring people throughout the last few weeks.  

In addition to these tasks I also got the opportunity to attend this year’s technology exhibition arranged at the University of Gävle last week. The exhibition is intended for junior high school students and aim to inspire students to study technology in senior high school. We had a stand were students could come and ask questions and I held a short lecture for some of the classes attending the fair. The lecture was about how it is to work as an engineer and what an engineer actually do a typical day at work.

No two days are the same, I get to work with lots of different individuals and have fantastic colleagues. I am really enjoying my time at Billerudkorsnäs. 

Best Regards,