28 Feb 2019, 9:00 CET

A day with Caroline Blomström

If you ask me, I have the perfect desk at the office. I can wander off looking at the trees boarding to Hagaparken through the windows. And as if that was not enough, I also get a perfect view of the highway E4 going north to Uppsala or south to Norrköping through Stockholm. Having a visual over the traffic situation is every logistics trainee’s dream as it surely makes it easier to perform and assist my colleagues in important decisions such as when to start packing up in order to pick up the kids in time.

Joke aside, my name is Caroline Blomström and I work as trainee in the logistics department. I am actually the only one in our department based at our head office in Solna, having the rest of the team in offices at our mills. At first, I was a bit sceptic to be part of a team with such a geographical spread but now that six months have passed, I have realized that there are multiple positive aspects both for me and for the department. Usually I work remotely with my logistics team but occasionally I get to visit one of our other sites, which is great fun and also gives me the possibility to meet new people and broaden my network.

Picture to the left shows me at my desk in Solna and the picture to the right me looking out over the current traffic situation. Looking good Stockholm!

I am part of mainly two projects within Logistics. One of them involves close collaboration with our IT department and our in house sales operations as we are building a new application that will serve as a tool for handling transport deviations. A very interesting project as it allows me to further learn about the interactions within different departments in the company. The other project is very logistics focused, I am part of a team identifying if and how we can increase the amount of volume we ship on railway. Shipping on railway is the most sustainable way we know of today and therefore it is important to us as a company to try to utilize the option the best way we can. 

A collage from one of the visits to Örebro for a project meeting. The first picture showing Örebro castle, the second, me having an on-the-go snack and the third, an early morning shot from the train station in Sundbyberg where I live.

Another fun thing happening now is that I am, together with two colleagues here at the office, planning an event called IGE-day. BillerudKorsnäs is one of four main sponsors to IGE-day, an initiative by Womengineer that aims to get more girls in the age 13-19 interested in studying technical programs at university. In the end of March, we will welcome a group of girls to a day full of activities and workshop with the aim to show what an engineer can work with. I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Womengineer and the article will be available in their magazine later this spring.

No day is the other a like, which is one of the things I really appreciate with my role as a trainee at BillerudKorsnäs. Being a trainee also gives you the opportunity to be involved in different initiatives such as IGE-day, visits to universities etc. that is both very valuable and fun. Next week Karin will tell you about our theme visit in Skärblacka where we got to know a lot more about the paper division.

Stay safe!