2 Jul 2019, 11:34 CET

At the sales office in Milano

During May we, Adam & Christopher, had the opportunity to visit our sales office in Milano. Our expectations was high but we did not know what to await – but already on the first day, the site manager picked us up at our apartment and took us to the first out of several customer visit. That set the tone for the whole trip. It has truly been a rewarding experience and something we will remember for the rest of our life.

When we arrived in Milano, we were greeted by a typical spring weather in Italy, 25 degrees and bright sunlight. We thought to ourselves, “This is a perfect day to explore Milano”. So, we put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and took the subway into the city center. When we walked down the street we did not meet any people with the same outfit, instead everyone was wearing jeans and thick winter jackets. Before even opening our mouth everyone addressed us in English, in other words we looked like typical tourists. After this experience, we tried to blend in and started wearing pants instead of shorts, and was now addressed in Italian.

At the sales office in Milano there are 13 dedicated coworkers who mainly work with customer service and sales. When arriving at the office we were met by these wonderful people who wanted nothing else but to make our stay as meaningful and fulfilling as possible.

The people at the office mainly work in the paper segment, which includes sacks and bags. In the sack segment, the main market is the concrete industry. In our first customer visit we went to a sack converter just outside the city. Bags includes several different types, with one example being bread bags. During one of our visits we went to a bread bag converter who was located on the western shore of the famous Lake Como. The road to this customer looked like nothing we had ever seen before. Tall mountains, deep valleys, green nature and of course the lake itself. Truly a unique and beautiful place.

By the shore of Lake Como. In the background you can see Belagio.

Besides paper they also manage the container board segment in Italy from the Milano office. As you all probably know, pizza is quite popular in Italy and the pizza container is made out of corrugated board. Other large customers in this segment are in the fruit and vegetable industry. The Milano office serves all of these industries and more.

We had the opportunity to tag along and visit serval customers and fairs within this segment. One example was the MacFrut (fruits and vegetables) fair in Rimini. We went there together with three of our coworkers and stayed just outside Rimini in Riccione for two nights. The fair was a good way to see all the different packaging solutions that is made out of our corrugated board.

At the Macfrut fair in Rimini. Tons of boxes!


The coast of Rimini as a beautiful place. Here together with Flavia and Margherita from the Milano sales office.

We have been eating a lot of good food; pizza, pasta and of course the famous ham. Tasty!

Apart from working, we have also been able to explore Italy and Milano on our spare time. We are both very interested in sports, football in particular, so to see a game at the San Siro stadium was of course on our to do list. We watched AC Milano beat Bologna in a dramatic 2-1 win. We noticed that the Italians are very passionate about their football. Screaming, shouting and pointing fingers were a common scene. Besides that, we decided to watch our first basketball game. It was an interesting experience because we did not know the rules.  

To the left; San Siro from the outside, to the right; the basketball stadium.

It was not all sunshine and happy faces – it was the coldest May in Milano in the last 60 years. Apart from that, it rained almost every weekend so we had to be creative on what to do on our spare time, meaning many indoor activities. For example, we went to a couple of museums. The museums exhibited one of our mutual interest, science. We went to the Leonardo da Vinci museum and the largest scientific museum in Italy, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci. Besides that, we socialized with our colleagues, playing table tennis among other things.  

To the left; the statue of Leonardo da Vinci which is located just beside the museum. To the right; us playing table tennis, together with Margherita and Vittorio.

To the left; the Duomo Cathedral in the center of Milano. To the right; Lake Garda in the evening.

That’s all from us. Ciao Ciaoo!
// Adam & Christopher