21 Feb 2019, 9:00 CET

Back at Skoghem&Wijk for Business Training 3

One part of the trainee program is our Business Trainings which we attend together with the precipitants in BillerudKorsnäs Growth Program. All trainings are at conference center Skoghem&Wijk and this time it was time for Module 3 out of 4.

We started off the first day with presentations of the projects we had been assigned at the last module. At our last module one of the themes was rhetoric’s, the art of making people listen to what you have to say. Therefore the assignment this time challenged us to use some of the tricks and tips we learned at the last module. It was very interesting to listen to the other group’s presentation and finding on the topic “Standards”.

One of the themes at this third module was financial understanding and a crash course in finance economics was given by Dr. Mikael Runsten. He explained what information one could obtain from different parts of a financial report. With this knowledge as a foundation we got the opportunity to get a better understanding of our financial goals at BillerudKorsnäs. I have not studied economics at this level before and most of the information Mikael shared was new to me. Mikael still managed to keep the lecture interesting and at the right level for the whole group, very appreciated by all of us.

Aside all the interesting lectures and workshops we get the opportunity to attend at these trainings there is also some spare time where we get to spend time together with our trainee colleagues. This time we managed to squeeze in some time in the game room playing dart, pool and jenga to mention a few. And let’s not forget that the food at Skoghem&Wijk is delicious. After an intensive day with lots of new learnings it is nice to end with a dinner together the whole group.

Day 2 the theme was Innovation and Orren Shalit held a workshop with us. We got lots of valuable knowledge and got to look at innovation from different perspectives and got to test ways of working to achieve as innovating ideas as possible. At the end of the day we got a project with the theme innovation to work on in the coming months.

Working on our assignment and value mapping together.

Best regards,