14 Jan 2019, 9:00 CET

Moving to a new place and the art of convincing, Frövi mill - Linus

Hello! My name is Linus and I work as a Process and Control Systems Engineering Trainee stationed at the Frövi mill, close to Örebro. I first came to Frövi in July to start my adventure amongst sulphate, starch, board, grit and paper. In the outskirts of this small town which is home to about 2500 people the mill stands as a monument, lighting up the surroundings when the Swedish darkness falls.

For me who moved from Stockholm to Örebro in the middle of the hot summer there are so many new things to get used to. But I like it, it is a great feeling coming to work each morning and for me the mill is an interesting place full of new things to learn and lots of challenges to take on. The mill is also a dangerous workplace where safety always comes first: You usually see me with a helmet, gloves, safety glasses, protective footwear with steel cap and lots of bright yellow clothing on. All this becomes easier having exchanged the crowded subway for a bus tracing the small road to and from the mill twice a day.

Just short of 700 people are employed at the Frövi mill, quite impressive in a community of 2500. Here in Frövi we produce carton board, mainly Liquid Packaging Board i.e. board for milk cartons, and container board which is used for high quality packaging for a spectrum of different products. Chemical pulp, both bleached and unbleached, is also produced in Frövi to be used as outer layers of the board.

About 6 kilometers away is Rockhammar mill, one of BillerudKorsnäs pulp factories. Here another type of pulp is produced: CTMP (Chemo-ThermoMechanical Pulp) which is transported from Rockhammar to Frövi mill by truck. The CTMP is used as middle layers in several of our board products.

If you want to know more about Frövi mill you should read the blog post written by my trainee colleague Karin who is also stationed here in Frövi, you can find it here.

Me with full safety equipment out in the production environment at Frövi mill.

Working as a Process and Control Systems Engineer can involve a number of different activities. Most of the work I do is part of ongoing projects at the mill which means lots of collaboration. It is awesome! My part in these projects involve modelling, simulations, troubleshooting, investigating new solutions and investments to improve production and processes. I enjoy that the variation and that my work is not only office based, but also requires me to be out in the production environment in order to better understand the process and related problems. Either by hands on experience of the process or by interviewing the operators who are the experts on how the process is run. Being a trainee means that this is only half of what I do. My time is divided more or less fifty-fifty between the trainee program activities and my role at Frövi mill.

Now 2019 has come and we are four months into the trainee program. It feels like these first four months has gone incredibly fast so I would like to hold on to 2018 just a little longer. I will take you on a short detour back to November 2018:

In November we all met again, trainees and growth program participants, for the second session of the Business Development Training. My expectations for this session were high. The theme was rhetorics!

We had all prepared presentations of the sustainability assignments we had worked with since the first Business Development Training session. Following that we knew we were going to be introduced to the art of rhetorics, a very interesting subject. Even though my expectations were high, I didn't expect it to be as thorough as it was or as inspiring and eye opening to what can be achieved with just the use of words. To speak in front of others and convey a message with ease is a useful skill in many situations, whether it is to pitch an idea to start your own company, ask your boss for a raise or praising your mother on her 60th birthday.

Led by the siblings Johan and Ellinor Falkman we were allowed to dive into the world of rhetorics for almost two days and the experience left its mark. By the end of it all, everyone had stood up in front of the whole group and made a 2-3 minute long pitch and regardless of previous experience everyone did splendidly. Partly thanks to the tools and instructions given and a lot thanks to the calm and inviting feel within the group. I will be using these tools as often as I can in my work and my private life.

Intensive group discussions during the second day of the Business Development Training.

To conclude the second day, Hanna Mårtensson who is working Production Excellence at BillerudKorsnäs visited us and presented what OEE, Overall Equipment Efficiency, is and what it means for BillerudKorsnäs. It was very interesting and even though we had already stretched our concentration to take in all the tricks for becoming a great rhetoric Hanna managed to keep us interested and engaged.

Hanna also gave us an assignment focused on standards, something we now have spent time working on in groups and will be presenting during our next Business Development Training, this time using our newly found rhetorical skills to their fullest.

Me using my newfound rhetorical skills at the Business Development Training.

More exciting activities await in the trainee program during the spring, so keep reading the blog.

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Linus Skjutar Apell
Technology - Process and Systems group, Frövi