7 Mar 2019, 9:00 CET

Themed Visit in Skärblacka- Division Paper

During a sunny week in the middle of February, we gathered again with the Trainee group for an exciting week at our Skärblacka mill, close to Norrköping. The focus during the week was on the division Paper, an advanced and thrilling part of BillerudKorsnäs business. And yes, paper is more exciting that one might think when just hearing the name!

The Trainee group gathered again, ready to learn all about how paper is made at the Skärblacka mill.

The week started off in Jordbro, outside of Stockholm where we got to visit our customer Swedbag. We met with the CEO Fredrik who told us about his entrepreneurship journey from bringing Laser Dome to Sweden after his university studies to now running a paper bag production company. We also got a round tour in Swedbag’s production facility, where paper bags are produced from BillerudKorsnäs paper from Skärblacka.

Learning about paper bag production at our customer Swedbag.

The rest of the week was spent in Skärblacka. We started off by meeting with the manager of the paper mill, Airi. She was a truly inspiring person and shared a lot of her knowledge and passion about paper and how we produce it. We met many other interesting speakers during the week, for example Marcus Lager, Director of Product Management and Development in Division Paper. He taught us about the paper market and how we work strategically to get the optimal product mix, something that was new to a many of us. We also got a fun and innovative guidance through Lync in our Packaging Development Center in Karlsborg in the north of Sweden. A good example of how to work in new innovative ways and challenge conventional!

Round tour through Lync in our Packaging Development Center in Karlsborg

During the week we also got to see the whole mill of Skärblacka. One of the most interesting things to see was PM 10, which is a paper machine from 1986 that was placed in Tervasaari in Finland and moved to Skärblacka in 2017. A huge project to disassemble and move a whole paper machine in pieces by train, boat and truck from one country to another, to then re-assemble it in our Skärblacka mill and making it producing paper again! We also got to see the old paper machine PM 4, which was built in 1929 and is still running, faster than ever. It was a cool experience to see the old control panels with knobs and buttons.

Left: PM10 that was moved from Finland to Sweden. Right: PM 4 from 1929 and the old industry area.

During the week in Skärblacka we also had time to hang out during evenings. One night we had a very nice dinner together with the management team of Skärblacka mill. Another day it happened to be Valentines Day and two trainees from the last trainee program, Sofia and Andreas, took us out for dinner (only us and romantic couples in the restaurant). They had organized a fun night, finished off by solving a lot of clues at Escape Room. Really fun activity to do together and luckily all teams managed to escape from their rooms within an hour!

That was all from the week in Skärblacka! Next up will be Therece who will tell you about her role as a Reliability Engineer trainee in Gävle.

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