10 Jan 2019, 9:00 CET

Working as a Maintenance engineer and a glimpse of shift work at Gruvön

What if you could feel the desire of making improvements in your work everyday? That is what i have been given the chance to do as an maintenance engineer.

Hi! My name is Nils and I’m usually working as a maintenance engineer at Gruvön mill. The maintenance is divided into different areas including transportation, paper machines, solid fuel boilers, electric circuits and instrumentation etc. I’m most of the time working with the recovery boiler process (almost always the tallest tower when looking at a mill from far away) and the steam production at the site.

Looking out over Gruvön with my trainee-colleagues from the “tall tower”

Time flies and it has already been four months since i started as a trainee at Billerudkorsnäs. The first month or two was pretty much about getting a grip of how the process works and getting into different maintenance planning tools. The information flow was huge but luckily the people working at Billerudkorsnäs is very friendly minded and having a “all questions are good questions” mindset which helped a lot.

As for now i’m in two projects (a new combustion chamber and resin boiler) at the mill as a maintenance coordinator - having a team who i can discuss with how we should build the new rigs from a maintenance standpoint and make sure the correct spare parts and documentation are available, working close contact with the project manager. When not working in the projects most of my time goes to working with preventive maintenance. This includes root-cause-analysis and making sure the same problem occuring doesn't happen again.

The world's strongest Fluting being made @Pm6 Gruvön

As a part of the trainee-program we are currently working shift to get a grip of their everyday work. For the first two weeks i’ve been at the production engineering department. A recent blog post by my colleague Krister explains more thoroughly what they do over there, so i will focus more in what i’m currently doing - working shift with the operators at the paper machine 6 in Gruvön.

A little bit of background… There are five shift groups at Gruvön who works everyday of the year including christmas and new years eve. And yeez what a job they’re doing. The mill is running 24/7 with just a fraction of the personnel at site both nighttime and on vacations. I’m impressed!

It’s been some fun weeks being “live” in the production. There’s always something to do and it’s very rewarding. As of yesterday we had a web break (the pulp didn’t make its way through the machine to become paper) so i got to be a helping hand ‘shooting tip’ through the machine as they call it. When we finally got it going again after some stressful 30 minutes the atmosphere was filled with pride and joy after the teamwork was executed with high precision.

That’s all from me for now!