Emma Hellqvist

Name: Emma Hellqvist

Age: 26

Education: Industrial management engineering with energy and environmental profile at Karlstad University

Role and placement (ort): Business Development , Solna

What do you do in your role? It varies a lot. My role together with my team is to find, understand and develop new markets. Sometime it feels like I am a detective that tries do find data and knowledge about different markets. Another day can consist of meeting people to build a relationship or understand the needs of a package in order to be able to build a future market. I have to collaborate with people from the whole organization like Sales, R&D, Market intelligence, Production etc.

I also have the role as a trainee where I get to visit and understand the whole organization. We started to learn about the forestry and in the end of the year we will get closer to the customer when we have one month abroad at a customer service office.

What is the best part with your job? The combination of meeting people, analyse markets, travel and all the trainee activities of course.

Except for how I work, it is also a great feeling that the company and my work are contributing to a more sustainable future. That make me feel proud every day and I love to share my knowledge with friends and family.

Why do you recommend others to apply to BillerudKorsnäs Trainee program? The biggest difference from a lot of other trainee programs, and what I think makes BillerudKorsnäs Trainee program the best, is that you have a specific job and get real assignments. If you feel that it is a wrong match with your role there is still a possibility to change within the company.

Then you also feel that the company really invests in you with a lot of different development trainings; for example change management, communication, innovation etc.

Favorite package?
FibreForm because it can challenge conventional packaging in a completely new way.

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