Adam Attemalm

Name and age: Adam Attemalm, 26

Education and Background: M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management – Mechanical Engineering, Karlstad University

Role and Placement: Development engineer in the R&D department, Gruvön

What do you do in your role? I work with developing products and further applying interesting new materials. I’m currently working with liquid packaging board.

What is the best part with your job? To be able work towards a sustainable future and the opportunity to constantly learn new things.

Why do you recommend others to apply to BillerudKorsnäs Trainee program? It’s a possibility to learn about the company and the whole value chain like no regular employment can offer.

What’s your favourite kind of package or packaging solution? FibreForm was the first product that caught my eye. Its potential is limitless and it offers the possibility to replace plastics in areas where it previously seemed impossible.

5 quickies:
Travel the world / “Away is good but home is the best”
Reading a book / Watching a movie
iPhone / Android
Cat / Dog
Paper / Plastic