Karin Svedlund

Name and age: Karin Svedlund, 27.

Education and Background: Master in business and economics with major in management. Worked three years within the furniture industry before entering BillerudKorsnäs.

Role and Placement: Business Excellence Trainee within Cartonboard.

What do you do in your role? I work with developing the Cartonboard Business. Right now am part of the projects of developing Segment business plans and a quarterly Market Intelligence Report.

What is the best part with your job? Working with my skilled team who are so nice to me and help me learning my job as good and fast as I can.

Why do you recommend others to apply to BillerudKorsnäs Trainee program? If you want to kick start your career in the best way- by getting to know the company, business, people and supply chain from scratch during a whole year, together with motivated and engaged people!

What’s your favourite kind of package or packaging solution? The cartonboard product Artisan, which has a nice tactile surface supporting an organic feeling to the end product.

5 quickies:
Travel the world / “Away is good but home is the best”
Reading a book / Watching a movie
iPhone / Android
Cat / Dog
Paper / Plastic