Krister Torén

Name and age: Krister Torén 29

Education and Background: BSc degree in chemical engineering, Chalmers University of Technology
Operator of the Digester, washing and Bleaching plant at Södra Cell Värö Paper pulp mill.

Role and Placement: Production Engineer, Gruvön mill

What do you do in your role? Supervise the production of the whole mill from wood to paper reels.

What is the best part with your job? Having the overview perspective of the mill production and handling all the information and responsibility that comes with it.

Why do you recommend others to apply to BillerudKorsnäs Trainee program? It is a great way into career life where you build a vast network with fantastic people from many areas of the company as well as gaining insight to how the company really is set up. This together with being a part of a company which is on the mission to challenge the conventional for a sustainable future ads great value and excitement to what you do.

What’s your favourite kind of package or packaging solution? D-Sack (Dissolvable cement sack)
It is good for the environment and people working with it.

5 quickies:
Travel the world / “Away is good but home is the best”
Reading a book / Watching a movie
iPhone / Android
Cat / Dog
Paper / Plastic