Susanna Nygårds

Name and age: Susanna Nygårds, 25

Education and Background: MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Role and Placement: Business Development Trainee Containerboard, Solna

What do you do in your role? My role is about developing our business, which can include both improving current businesses and exploring new opportunities, such as new services and solutions. It includes analysing markets and trends and talking to our customers in order to understand the needs and opportunities for our business to create more value.

What is the best part with your job? It is really exciting to be involved in development projects and get to work with new opportunities for BillerudKorsnäs, even more so when the opportunities are focused on innovative and sustainable solutions. My job includes meeting a lot of different people and working in a changing environment, which is both fun and lets me learn something new everyday.

Why do you recommend others to apply to BillerudKorsnäs Trainee program? The trainee program is a perfect way to be new at the job and get to know the whole organisation and value chain, while at the same time start working at your home department with real tasks and responsibilities right away.

Also, the best part is that you get to do this together with a group of fun, friendly and inspiring people that share your experience as a trainee but has various backgrounds and experiences. This allows for exchanging knowledge, supporting each other and keeping a great connection with other sites and departments throughout the company.

What’s your favourite kind of package or packaging solution? The paper bottle! It is both a cool, technical innovation and has the potential to really disrupt the market for a more sustainable future.

5 quickies:
Travel the world / “Away is good but home is the best”
Reading a book / Watching a movie
iPhone / Android
Cat / Dog
Paper / Plastic