What can you work with at BillerudKorsnäs?

Millions of people all over the world come in contact with our packaging material every day, year round. Because packaging is a part of our lives, we influence people’s everyday lives and our society. It is a big responsibility but also a great opportunity to challenge and improve.

Our business encompasses an impressive range of skills: everything from expertise in the process of manufacturing paper, to the capacity to create smarter packaging solutions with the right material, function and design. No matter whether you work at one of our production units, in one of our business areas, or as a part of our support organization, you can be sure to be part of a hardworking and competent team.

Operations: Devoted to producing high-quality and renewable packaging material (paper and board) in a resource-efficient and environmental friendly way. Here we are looking for people to a wide range of different roles as engineers, technicians or operators within areas such production, process, maintenance, automation, energy, environment, quality, laboratory, warehouse, etc.

Market organisation: Devoted to promoting and selling our high-quality material to customers, as well as developing our business and innovative packaging solutions. Here, we are looking for people to take on roles within commercial and technical sales, business & product development, R&D, supply chain, customer service, etc.

Support functions: Devoted to developing and supporting core business in a number of specialist areas, enabling us to achieve our goals efficiently. Here, we are looking for people to take on roles in HR, IT, finance, operational excellence, logistics, forestry, marketing, sustainability, communications, purchasing, etc.


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