Risk management

In BillerudKorsnäs' operations there are uncertainties that could have positive and/or negative effects on the company's objectives, brand and performance.  

Through efficient risk management processes, BillerudKorsnäs strives to maximise the opportunities to reach the company's strategy and objectives and to minimize the negative effects.

On an overall level, the risk management is governed by the Board of Directors. It then follows the normal delegation scheme, from the Board of Directors to the CEO and from the CEO to the Division and Group function managers. In practise, most operational risks are managed on a local level, but risk management is coordinated when deemed efficient.

Major risks are reported to the Executive Leadership Team and Audit Committee twice a year and to the Board of Directors annually, and are monitored in Division's and Group function's regular reporting.  

For more information about risks and risk management, please see pages 74-81 in the 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report.