We make the complex world of packaging simple

What if you had a single point of contact for all your packaging needs in Southeast Asia? At BillerudKorsnäs, we make the complex world of packaging simple - from design and engineering to sourcing and distribution - helping our customers achieve measurable results without sacrificing quality or control.

We support you in every step

We support global brands at every step of the international packaging supply chain, allowing companies to focus on other mission-critical aspects of shipping goods from Southeast Asia to Europe and the United States. We have teams of people in offices around the world, on the ground to ensure the best packaging solutions and experience for our customers.

Our expertise, combined with our international network of production partners, allows us to identify performance improvement opportunities for our clients at every step along the way. The results? Better packaging, fewer headaches and operational excellence throughout the packaging supply chain.
Customer engagements begin with a no-obligation, no-cost audit of your packaging and shipping operations in Asia to identify savings opportunities.

This allows you to save on resources that otherwise would have gone to wasted corrugated material, wasted fuel and wasted time coordinating packaging suppliers and OEMs, helping your brand significantly reduce overall packaging and shipping costs.

We listen

What are your biggest concerns about packaging? What part of the packaging supply chain is giving you the most headaches? What obstacles do you need to overcome to simplify and streamline your packaging operations in Southeast Asia? You talk, we listen, and together we come up with packaging solutions that make sense for your brand.

We audit

We take a close look at your packaging supply chain to identify savings opportunities, uncover inefficiencies and determine where the biggest pain-points are, so we can make the very best packaging recommendations based on the current state of your packaging operations.

We design

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all packaging solution, because there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all packaging supply chain. That's why we design and engineer packaging solutions made to fit your products and your distribution chain, not the other way around. It's only the "right fit" if it's right for your specific needs.

We oversee

Controlling packaging across large systems and a wide range of product factories can be difficult without the right people and processes in place. We have teams on the ground making sure that your packaging solutions are delivered to your OEM factory on time and on spec. As the only point-of-contact for all your packaging needs, we help you regain control of your packaging supply chain by simplifying what was once complex.

We analyze

Our engagement isn't over when the packaging is delivered. We continue to analyze packaging performance and look for further savings opportunities hidden in your supply chain, driving results where it matters most: your bottom line.

Meet the team

Our people and their dedication are what make our programs successful for our customers. Everyone, from project managers and quality assurance inspectors to packaging engineers and graphic designers, is committed to simplifying the complex world of packaging for the global brands we work with.


Our salespeople are very knowledgeable about all things related to packaging, including materials, design and distribution. We have the benefit of working with major global brands that have very different supply chains, and our sales teams use this collected knowledge and experience to provide the best customized solution for each customer.

Global project managers

You want to regain packaging control in Asia; our project managers make it happen. This team is responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing the packaging programs we design for our customers. They manage all the little details to make sure things run smoothly, which means one less thing global brands need to worry about.

Packaging design & engineering

Teams of designers and engineers ensure that our solutions are the right fit for your supply chain. Our packaging designers and engineers develop custom solutions that are often stronger, lighter and more sustainable than the current solutions they are replacing, while our graphic designers ensure brand consistency by advising on printing practices and maintaining color management and print testing programs.

Quality assurance

BillerudKorsnäs has teams of people on the ground to ensure customers’ needs are met. Our QA groups work with production suppliers, manufacturing managers and customer service representatives on issues related to packaging quality, technical specifications and product testing.

Key facts

20+ years
working with global brands
Offices in 8 countries


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