The Cost of Unoptimised Packaging

Many organisations think cutting costs by using low-quality, unoptimised packaging is good for their overall revenue. Unfortunately, this point of view is short-sighted. 

Optimising your packaging may have a higher price point to begin with, but over the long term, investing in optimised packaging yields cost savings and peripheral benefits for the end user. This infographic illustrates the often-overlooked costs associated with low-quality, unoptimised packaging, from damage and returns costs to warehouse and distribution expenses.

The Cost of Unoptimsed Packaging_final.png

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Distribution is a critical aspect of your supply chain, with often-overlooked opportunities for cost savings and improved efficiency.

If you’re considering higher quality packaging for big-picture savings and better reception from your end users, connect with a packaging expert at BillerudKorsnäs. Our packaging professionals look at the entirety of your international supply chain to determine opportunities for optimisation and cost savings. Your organisation could implement and communicate sustainable packaging solutions to resonate with a wider customer base. 

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