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Sustainability is a top priority for many companies these days. But what it means to be sustainable is a complex topic with many different angles to consider! What materials are going into my products? Where do they come from? Is the production process environmentally friendly? How much pollution does it produce? How much CO2 does my shipping put into the atmosphere every year? 

It’s complicated!

The questions to ask and the areas to consider don’t stop with the product. Packaging is another part of the picture that can help companies make major steps forward to improve their sustainability. It can be easy to say, “it’s just a box” and not worry about it as long as the products get to their destination in one piece. But what if you’re inadvertently contributing to clear-cutting forests? Or what if the carton manufacturer doesn’t follow regulations against using child labor? Questions like this related to packaging are easily overlooked, but can have very negative ethical and sustainability impacts. It’s worth diving a layer deeper into your supply chain to be confident about the packaging you are using.

One way to gain assurance about the materials going into your packaging is to make sure they are certified by a reputable 3rd party organization. The pioneer in this area is the FSC® organization, the Forest Stewardship Council®, which has nearly three decades of experience in responsible forest management. They consider environmental factors, such as forest re-growth and conservation, as well as ethical sustainability related to workers’ rights and employment conditions. When you see the FSC® label on packaging, it means that product can be traced through the entire supply chain, all the way back to the forest. This is done through the Chain of Custody number. You can personally enter the CoC number into FSC’s extensive database to check the source of the paper!

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Using certified paper in your packaging is one way take a step forward in tackling the complex questions you face around sustainability. The FSC® label printed on your packaging lets your customers know that your company prioritizes environmentally and ethically conscientious choices.

Allegra Carlson

Manager, Project Management

Solna, Sweden



Allegra Carlson manages our European Global Project Management team. She has over 14 years of experience with international supply chains and packaging optimization.

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