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We design smarter packaging solutions

For more than 20 years, BillerudKorsnäs has helped global brands save money, reduce waste and increase customer loyalty through smarter packaging. Our packaging design solutions are engineered and designed to give brands a competitive advantage on the global scale. 

Durable transport packaging solutions

How much does transport packaging cost your organization each year? If it’s not optimized and designed for the long voyage from  Asia to Western distribution centers and retailers, it could cost a lot more than you think. Poor-quality transport packaging from less exacting suppliers may cost less per unit, but savings can be quickly erased for any number of reasons, including product damage, wasted space, distribution center inefficiencies and limited reuse beyond single-leg journeys.

We saved $10 million by reusing packaging at the distribution center.
Leading apparel company

Transport packaging decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. At BillerudKorsnäs, we provide our clients with durable transport packaging solutions that are designed to withstand the abuse of international shipping, so more products arrive undamaged and ready for store shelves.

Benefits of better transport packaging 

  • Efficient carton dimensions that maximize packaging efficiency inside sea-going shipping containers eliminates excess air space, meaning more products shipped inside fewer containers.
  • High-quality corrugated materials protect your products in transit, minimizing unnecessary and avoidable damage.
  • Stronger master outer cartons (MOCs) from Asia can be reused for secondary over-land or air transit to retail stores in destination markets.
  • Less damage in transit to primary product packaging intended for retail display means more products end up on store shelves.

Retail packaging

Packaging is a key touchpoint for any brand. In addition to ensuring the product arrives to the consumer in mint condition, but it should also make a positive impression at the point-of-sale, where consumer decisions are largely influenced by shelf attraction. At BillerudKorsnäs, we work with clients to turn sustainable materials into creative retail packaging solutions that turn heads, touch hearts and promote your brand in competitive retail environments. 

Brand consistency

For global brands with multiple packaging suppliers and manufacturers in Southeast Asia, consistency across the entire packaging portfolio can be difficult to achieve—but not for our customers. We coordinate with suppliers and OEMs to ensure the same packaging materials, printing processes and quality standards are used and adhered to, resulting in quality and consistency at every level for every packaging solution. Our quality assurance teams on the ground in Asia ensure all parties adhere to the standards we set for our clients. The result? Retail packaging that looks as good as you imagined, or better.

Good packaging design: better, smarter, stronger

Are your transport and product packaging solutions working together to be as efficient as possible? Our solutions are customized for your unique packaging supply chain and are designed to lower your total cost, reduce packaging damage during transport and create the impact your brand requires. The use of world-leading corrugated materials ensures you get strong and attractive transport and retail packaging.

Case studies

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How we can help

Savings opportunities in the supply chain

We help global brands gain better control over how their products are packaged and shipped from Asia to North American and European markets. Greater cube efficiency, lower freight costs, less product damage and greater ability to re-use outer cartons for intra-country shipping helps our customers realize substantial operational savings without sacrificing quality or control. Custom packaging prototypes, product-specific retail and transport packaging solutions, rigorous box testing and on-site quality assurance checks.

A strong guiding hand at every step of the packaging supply chain can mean operational savings of 10-15%, which can translate into millions of dollars of annual freight cost savings. In some cases, where existing packaging and shipping efficiency is minimal, cost savings can be as high as 20-40%.

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