Packaging is Key to Your Supply Chain

A fully-integrated packaging solution drives efficiencies, lowers costs and eliminates waste.

When optimised, packaging can bring significant savings to your business. If you are looking to improve your distribution center (DC) performance, packaging quality and brand image or reduce overall supply chain costs, take a new look at your packaging. Optimised and better engineered packaging can minimise total operational cost by reducing:

  • Ocean and air freight costs
  • Product damage rates
  • Overall packaging spend

Our approach

Every supply chain has inefficiencies, which presents opportunities for improvement. These inefficiencies can have an impact on your profitability. It is worthwhile to spend time uncovering different ways to make an impact.

Product Factory

Right-sized cartons and better transparency

Freight Density

Minimised empty container space and increased container utilisation

Inbound Transport

Reduced spend on ocean and air freight

Distribution center

Improved capacity and less product damage

Outbound transport

Reduced spend on outbound transport

End Customer

Increased brand satisfaction and reduce total cost

Packaging is unique to each supply chain, which makes it an ideal starting point to maximise the value received from a customised, end-to-end packaging solution.

By addressing all components of where packaging impacts your supply chain and designing a customised packaging solution we're able to drive operational savings. Our packaging solutions have yielded:

  • 15-30% freight savings
  • 40-50% product damage reduction
  • 60-80% packaging reuse savings

*Results based on historical data. Individual program results may vary.

When was the last time you evaluated your packaging?

Discovering inefficiencies in your supply chain requires a careful, deliberate approach. A customised packaging solution begins with identifying opportunities for improvement:

  • Is the total cost of your product damage higher than the industry average?
  • How does your supply chain perform along operational metrics?
  • Is your packaging designed to respond to external pressures and changes?
  • Does your packaging integrate with other parts of your business?
  • Do you have strategic company goals for sustainability?

After a full, in-depth analysis of your supply chain you’ll be presented with the areas for improvement and optimisations that will make a significant difference in your operations.

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