We simplify the entire packaging supply chain

BillerudKorsnäs helps drive operational efficiency and management simplicity by looking over your entire packaging operation in Asia. Our experience and expertise allow us to design fully-integrated, end-to-end packaging programs that eliminate waste, lower costs and drive revenue. 

Savings opportunities in the packaging supply chain 

Not all packaging supply chains are the same, and neither are all packaging solutions. Fortunately, we have more than 20 years of packaging production experience, so we understand the unique and complex challenges brand owners face at every step of the packaging supply. We leverage this experience to design and develop comprehensive packaging programs that bring simplicity, transparency and control to large-scale packaging operations in Asia.

The supply chain


Lowered first cost for packaging

Origin operations

Reduced container freight station costs


Reduced spend on ocean and air


Reduced spend on brokerage due to to fewer entries

Inbound transport

Lowered trucking and drayage costs

Distribution center

Improved capacity and reduced corrugate spend

Outbound transport

Reduced spend on outbound deliveries


Improved backroom capacity and reduced handling

When was the last time you evaluated your packaging supply chain? 

Supply chain leaders realize the benefits of a high-performing packaging supply only after a careful, deliberate approach to finding where the greatest value opportunities lie. How is the supply chain performing along operational metrics? Is it designed to respond to external pressures and changes? Does it integrate with other parts of the business? These are questions that can only be answered after a full and careful analysis of your packaging supply chain. If you haven’t evaluated yours in a couple years, it’s time to take a look. BillerudKorsnäs can help. 

Key benefits

Ocean freight savings
Product protection savings
Packaging reuse savings

How we do it

When we evaluate an opportunity to work with a new brand, we look at their entire supply chain and packaging practices to identify where improvements can be made. We find savings in almost every leg of the distribution chain, but to differing degrees based on the needs and operational systems in place from brand to brand. Packaging specifications and implementations are unique to your supply chain, so we start there to maximize the value you will receive from a customized, end-to-end packaging program. Our focus on designing packaging solutions and processes with the entire supply chain in mind is what sets us apart, and what drives operational savings for the brands we work with. 


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