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Sourcing a box for a product is simple, sourcing a box overseas is a little more challenging. Developing a comprehensive packaging solution that factors in a diverse product line, multiple manufacturing locations, ordering patterns and pack counts, seasonality, (what else to add in here from the DC or transport) takes a team of experts and years of experience.  The result is ……………………


Barebones realized they had a packaging issue when thousands of products arrived from the China factory to the US Distribution Center damaged and unsellable.

  • Improved designs to reduce product damage
  • Helped grow to new manufacturing regions
  • Provide packaging consistency across regions
  • Packaging management
Case Study

Eliminating single use plastics

A manufacturer of outdoor grills and accessories struggled with single use plastic, inconsistent brand design, poor quality PDQs, and discrepancies between printing and material specifications among products produced by more than 12 OEMs throughout Southeast Asia.

  • Eliminated clamshell plastic packaging
  • Managed design, manufacturing and compliance of 450 unique individual packaging SKUs
  • Ensured consistency across multiple packaging types, including retail, master shipping cartons and corrugated floor displays
  • 10–15 million packaging units produced in first year
  • Customer since 2015

Wilson Triniti Plastic-Free Packaging

Give a little information from the case study about the new innovative tennis ball needed innovative packaging. This new package challenged conventional and moved from plastic to cartonboard. It also won a DieLine sustainable packaging award.

Packaging Development Process

We will write something here about our packaging development process, what it involves, why it's important and what are the expected outcomes from the process. 

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Testing concepts and packout times

During the concept development process, different structures are tested to see how long it takes to erect the packaging in order to estimate packout times at the factory. While there may be some super cool concepts for products, they might not be realistic for packout. All these things need to be taken into consideration when designing cost efficient packaging for the supply chain.


Design and Testing for Automation

Shipping the basketballs and packaging in flat packs from China to the US, Wilson has saved $XX million in freight costs. They could ship XX% more product into a 40 ft container. What else could we list here to show what an impact this new way of thinking had on their business.

Color Management

If products are being produced in multiple factories and regions thousands of miles away, quality control can be challenging. With a large team based locally in Asia, we work directly with packaging producers and OEM factories to protect your brand and give you our quality guarantee.

Environmental Impact Tool

Understand the environmental impacts of different packaging concepts with our Environmental Tool. This tool factors in raw materials, converting and transportation within the supply chain so you can understand the carbon emissions and fresh water impacts your packaging has on the environment.

How2Recycle Labels

Reduce confusion by creating a clear label that enables companies to convey to consumers how to recycle a package. 

Amazon APASS Certified

We are Amazon APASS certified and can design your packaging to be cost efficient and durable for the rigors of last mile delivery.

ISTA Testing

Testing is an integrated part of our packaging development process, we have labs in the US, Sweden and China.

Packaging Examples

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