Corrugated Solutions

Corrugated Solutions supplies materials to corrugated board manufacturers and packaging solutions to brand owners. Strong and light materials, fluting and liner, are used in corrugated boxes for fragile goods and demanding distribution systems.

Smart packaging is delivered via the Managed Packaging concept, which delivers supply chain solutions and packaging optimisations for brand owners, with a view to challenging conventional solutions.

Value growth

Sustainable and profitable growth is to be achieved through value growth, without necessarily investing in the existing production capacity for paper.

Focus on

  •  Strong product portfolio
  • Integrating new business mode
  • Expanded collaboration with brand owners in attractive markets

Fluting 13% of sales volume

Packaging for:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Components for the automotive industry, white goods and electronic
  • Transport

Liner 7% of sales volume

Primary packaging for:

  • Exclusive drinks
  • Beauty and healthcare
  • Confectionery
  • Home electronics

Secondary packaging for:

  • Consumer goods

Shelf-ready packaging for:

  • Consumer goods

Managed Packaging

Packaging solutions and services for brand owners with international packaging programmes and logistics.

Managed Packaging offers the following benefits:

  • Operational savings
  • Management simplicity
  • Revenue generation
  • Sustainability performance

Key facts

Growth target
Net sales, SEKm
3 620
EBITDA margin