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    Wolf Nudeln - A choice for the future

    Together with machine producer Syntegon Technology, BillerudKorsnäs has developed an alternative to packaging pasta in plastic bags.

    Convincing Management Packaging is Important

    Do you have issues with your inbound packaging but your management is not - Listening -  Downgrading the problem – Neglecting your wish to...
    Consumer & Luxury

    An ocean of possibilities

    The art of making an impressive box for fine champagne, whisky or other luxury drinks is a complex business. You need to combine ulimate strength...
    Consumer & Luxury

    Precious impressions

    Your packaging is an important part of the brand experience. When you realize this, you can use the packaging to your advantage to add value to...
    Consumer & Luxury

    An evolution in packaging

    Sustainability has become a factor that determines what the consumer selects – or rejects. It makes good business sense to optimize...
    Consumer & Luxury

    Calico Jack – a retailer with sustainability high on the agenda

    Calico Jack is one of the leading fashion retailers in the Netherlands. Besides their physical store, their e-commerce business is getting more...

    Has your factory given you a free packaging upgrade?

    Most brand owners rely on OEM factories to determine what packaging is to be used as they are the “expert” in picking the right packaging to...

    How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Supply Chain

    How do you reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain? Find out the key steps you need to take to reduce your supply chain carbon footprint.

    There is more to sustainable packaging than using recycled materials

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you, “What is sustainable packaging?” I’m guessing your answer is using recycled materials...

    How to prepare for business operations to open up

    As a packaging solutions provider for brands that manufacture products in Southeast Asia, we’ve been dealing with the Covid-19 virus and the...

    What Does Your Ecommerce Unboxing Experience Say About Your Brand?

    The rising demand for customised packaging experiences has disrupted the ecommerce market.

    Flexo Print - Marketing needs, consumer wants vs sustainability goals

    The world of multi colours, additional finishes such as embossing, foiling, varnishes etc. are all slowly declining and branding is being driven...

    Global pandemic is forcing companies to control costs, look to packaging for solutions

    With the global slowdown due to Covid-19, now is an opportune time to review the packaging for your products.

    The Cost of Unoptimised Packaging

    Many organisations think cutting costs by using low-quality, unoptimised packaging is good for their overall revenue. Unfortunately, this point...

    Key areas of focus for packaging efficiency and cost savings

    Cost reduction is basically on every company’s agenda and more now than ever. Packaging can have a big impact when you are looking for savings in...

    Ecommerce packaging - How do brands want to be perceived?

    Extra Extra Read All About It! Today’s headlines scream urgency of our ever-growing ecological crisis. Packaging waste is at an all time high.

    Case Study: KURU ecommerce footwear packaging

    When KURU’s custom footwear did not fit their packaging, they decided to make a change.

    Surviving Chinese Tariffs: How to Diversify Your Supply Chain

    The trade war between the U.S. and China and rising labor costs has some supply chain professionals concerned. Here’s how to mitigate the costs.

    Is packaging worth thinking about during this business disruption?

    Three things to consider regarding packaging when optimizing your supply chain

    FSC® Certified Packaging

    How to achieve supply chain transparency [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As technology enables more in-depth connectivity between organizations, manufacturers and end-users, transparency is becoming a bigger priority.

    Do You Know the Total Cost of Ownership for Your Packaging?

    To determine the holistic picture of their packaging costs, organisations are prioritising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their packaging.

    Zero Waste Packaging Saves You More Than You Think

    Standardisation may save your organisation money for the short term, but zero waste packaging provides savings that last.

    Case Study: Traeger Grills

    When Traeger wanted to remove foam and plastic from their packaging, they turned to BillerudKorsnäs Managed Packaging for a revamped customer...

    Right-Sizing Your Packaging: Why Do Small Things Come in Big Boxes?

    If you've ever received a product that is "swimming" in an oversized box, you've experienced this wasteful practice.