Division Board

Division Board manufactures liquid packaging board and cartonboard, plus fluting and liner.

The material is sold primarily to packaging manufacturers. The division comprises the business segments Liquid Packaging Board, Cartonboard and Containerboard. The size and requirements of customers vary, but they all demand high quality and expect materials and service solutions that add value.Surplus paper pulp is sold on the open market.

Focus 2020

 Ensure ramp-up of KM7 in Gruvön
• Safe and stable production
• Lower variable and fixed costs
• Draw commercial benefits from a strong product portfolio and
set a new market standard
• Continue to create customer value from fibre to packaging
• Quickly meet increased regulatory requirements for packaging
in prioritised growth markets

Sales by product category

Sales by product category Percent
Liquid Packaging Board 55
Fluting & Liner 26
Cartonboard 11
Other 8

Division Board sells

  • Liquid packaging board is used primarily in packaging for beverages and other liquid foods.
  • Cartonboard is used for products in premium segments, where the packaging is often part of the brand’s image.
  • Corrugated materials fluting and liner where fluting is the wavy layer in corrugated board, which is used for fragile and heavy industrial products and in food packaging. Liner is used in cartonboard and is the outer, printable layer on corrugated board boxes.

Production units


Produces liquid packaging board and white top kraftliner, the outer, printable layer of corrugated board boxes. Each day the plant produces material for 200 million drink packages (single portion size), which means that a quarter of the portioned drinks in the world use liquid packaging board made by BillerudKorsnäs in Gävle.


Produces cup stock, fluting, formable paper, kraft paper, liner, sack paper and liquid packaging board. Gruvön also produces market pulp. In addition, it has a development centre with expertise in packaging optimisation, where all the properties of the packaging can be studied in the minutest detail.


Produces cartonboard and liquid packaging board. Rockhammar produces unbleached and bleached CTMP1 for delivery in baled form to Frövi. Frövi/Rockhammar also has a development centre and laboratory that offers expert help with packaging optimisation, printing support and converting support.

Key facts

Annual growth target
13 692 SEKm
Net sales
1 986 SEKm