The organisation comprises three divisions, each with its own responsibility for results. These are Board, Paper and Solutions. In addition to the three divisions, the organisation consists of six Group-wide functions. These are HR, Finance & ITD (the accounting function including IT and Digitalisation), Legal, Communication & Brand, Sustainability, Innovation and Sourcing & Technology.


The divisions have responsibility and ownership for both the costs and the revenue within the current division.

Division Board comprises the production units Gruvön, Gävle, Frövi and Rockhammar are under division Board.

The production units in Jakobstad, Karlsborg plus Skärblacka and Beetham fall under division Paper.

Division Solutions consists of the business segments Managed Packaging and Packaging Solutions. All three divisions have a similar organisational structure, intended to facilitate contact with Group-wide functions as well as cooperation and coordination between the divisions.

Group functions

There are in some cases administrative and managerial staff at both the Group and the division level.

These are called Group functions at the Group level. These are HR, Legal, Finance & ITD, Communication, Communication & Brand, Sustainability, Innovation and Sourcing & Technology. They run and develop joint initiatives and work methods within their areas of responsibility.

They also develop tools and assist the organisation.