CrownBoard - The mark of a new era

Our new cartonboard brand, a portfolio of three products, all made of strong, resilient 100% primary fibres from slow-growing Nordic forests. Engineered to meet the increasingly tough demands that come with a growing environmental awareness – it is climate smart: renewable, recyclable, and responsibly sourced and manufactured.

The crownboard portfolio

CrownBoard Prestige™

CrownBoard Prestige offers a unique combination of strength and printability. Thanks to its strength and shapeability it stands up to a sequence of very taxing converting processes without losing any of its visual appearance. The high-white surface offers stunning print results – meeting the highest expectations of premium brands. Perfect sophistication.

CrownBoard Artisan™

CrownBoard Artisan talks to the senses. The special silky-smooth surface adds an interesting touch-and-feel dimension to a package – contributing to the impression of what the brand is all about. Soft to the touch, but strong and sturdy, it offers excellent packaging performance and lightweighting opportunities. Silky-smooth to the touch.

CrownBoard Craft™

Strong and versatile! The white, multi-coated top side ensures quality printability to match most white/white boards. The brown reverse side accentuates the strength and offers an original, rustic appeal. The entire grammage range is optimized for lightweighting, to save cost and reduce environmental impact. Probably the strongest cartonboard in the world.

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