CrownBoard - The mark of a new era

CrownBoard, our new cartonboard brand, is a portfolio of three products, all made of strong, resilient 100% primary fibres from slow-growing Nordic forests. Engineered to meet the increasingly tough demands that come with a growing environmental awareness – it is climate smart: renewable, recyclable, and responsibly sourced and manufactured.

Adding value

CrownBoard is more than just the material. It is an A to Z approach to your packaging needs: expertise for optimization, a tailored service package and day-to-day support


Our material is made of primary fibres, making it so strong that the packaging weight can be reduced without compromising performance – which saves resources.


We make strong, stiff and stable cartonboard for hassle-free printing and converting, and for high performance through the handling chain all the way to the consumer.

Consumer appeal

With a top surface that ensures excellent print results and life-like, vibrant colour reproduction, CrownBoard makes visually strong packaging for premium brands.


Introducing CrownBoard

CrownBoard is a family of three cartonboard products with outstanding packaging performance. Your choice can depend on the size and weight of the product the package protects. It could be how well it suits the brand image. Or it can depend on the appearance of the cartonboard – the feel and the character. Because they are three distinctive personalities.  

The crownboard portfolio

CrownBoard Prestige™

CrownBoard Prestige offers a unique combination of strength and printability. Thanks to its strength and shapeability it stands up to a sequence of very taxing converting processes without losing any of its visual appearance. The high-white surface offers stunning print results – meeting the highest expectations of premium brands. Perfect sophistication.

CrownBoard Artisan™

CrownBoard Artisan talks to the senses. The special silky-smooth surface adds an interesting touch-and-feel dimension to a package – contributing to the impression of what the brand is all about. Soft to the touch, but strong and sturdy, it offers excellent packaging performance and lightweighting opportunities. Silky-smooth to the touch.

CrownBoard Craft™

Strong and versatile! The white, multi-coated top side ensures quality printability to match most white/white boards. The brown reverse side accentuates the strength and offers an original, rustic appeal. The entire grammage range is optimized for lightweighting, to save cost and reduce environmental impact. Probably the strongest cartonboard in the world.

Adding value to your brand

CrownBoard comes with unique knowhow and a comprehensive service offer. Our value proposition covers everything that makes it easy to do business with us. It includes the right cartonboard, the packaging concept, knowledge transfer, and the day-to-day support that ensures convenience and simplicity.

State-of-the-art material

With experience dating back to 1855, heavy investments in modern production plants, and extensive R&D, we offer premium packaging material. Pure, lightweight and climate-smart cartonboard, made of 100% primary fibres, engineered to optimize packaging performance in terms of strength and visual appearance.

Carton Solutions

Your knowledge source for optimizing process efficiency, protection of contents, design, cost factors, user friendliness, environmental performance, and consumer appeal. We have the expertise and the advanced technical equipment to optimize your packaging solution, or create an entirely new one.

Supply chain support

You get personalized day-to-day service in your own language. A logistics and delivery model tailored to your needs. A friendly voice on the phone. A dedicated service specialist who knows your business and have the answers to your queries, to ensure smooth processes and high delivery precision.

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