Learn more about how CrownBoard excels in real life applications – with innovative packaging solutions, outstanding shelf impact, natural strength and high consumer appeal. Get inspired. See what CrownBoard can do for your brand and your business.


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    Cartonboard replaces plastic at construction sites

    CrownBoard Craft™ is probably the strongest cartonboard in the world, made of 100% primary Nordic wood fibres and engineered in multiple layers.
    Consumer & Luxury

    An evolution in packaging

    Sustainability has become a factor that determines what the consumer selects – or rejects. It makes good business sense to optimize...
    Consumer & Luxury

    Precious impressions

    Your packaging is an important part of the brand experience. When you realize this, you can use the packaging to your advantage to add value to...
    Consumer & Luxury

    An ocean of possibilities

    The art of making an impressive box for fine champagne, whisky or other luxury drinks is a complex business. You need to combine ultimate...