Visual effects – no limits

Be bold. Think beyond the rational and sensible. Just think visual impact and eye candy, traits that fascinate and inspire curiosity. You want your brand to excite and seduce the consumer. That’s when you want to add the little extras. This is how.


Swatchbook highlights


Make your visuals come alive. In the CrownBoard swatchbook, parts of this image of a crystal are embossed – raised in relief from the flat surface to create a sense of 3D. The effect is visual as well as tactile. To jazz it up even more, we have applied a glossy UV spot varnish to the protruding parts and metallic flakes in other areas for the shine – to emphasize differences in various surface textures.


All three CrownBoard qualities are suited for digital printing. In small print runs, this option gets you excellent print results for less money. The print surface of our cartonboard handles a wide colour gamut and gives you life-like colour reproduction even in very demanding images.


What about an essential colour palette for marine life? Mark the highlight with UV spot varnish to bring out a gleam of the wet paint. The brush stroke is one of the pieces in the swatchbook, showing glossy varnish in combination with 4-colour offset printing.


The reverse side of CrownBoard Craft offers interesting design possibilities. For printing, use inks and foils that are much lighter or much darker than the brown surface. It is the contrast that is important. For instance, silver-foil text is a beautiful effect – elegant meets rough. Embossing on this brown side also makes a surprisingly cool impression.


Sometimes ordinary 4-colour offset printing just is not enough. You want a closer likeness to the printed object, a better mimicry of the feel and texture of a surface. To achieve that in this picture of a seashell we applied mother-of-pearl hotfoil and glossy spot UV varnish.


There are times when less is more. When minimalism makes a stronger visual impression. When simple graphic beauty is more powerful than bells and whistles. This way, the properties of the board material becomes part of the design and the overall impression. Consider enhancing the blackness in the black lines by using all CMYK process inks. Black on black, that is dark!

Surface quality and strength

CrownBoard offers graphics and images with sharp detail, great contrast and life-like colour reproduction. This is due to the high whiteness, the surface smoothness, the controlled fibre formation, and the coating recipe.

Our tough and strong cartonboard allows for deep embossing – corresponding to 50% of the material thickness – which enables great, distinctive results without risk of cracking, as well as small-size, more complex designs.

The stiff and enduring material can be run in a sequence of post-treatment processes without compromising its appearance or performance.

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