BillerudKorsnäs invests in the future

Our new KM7 will provide state-of-the-art board making technology. We are ready to meet the increasing demand for sustainable packaging materials.

KM7 in Gruvön provides state-of-the-art board making technology.

We pride ourselves of being the world’s most sustainable packaging company. With the new KM7 at Gruvön we will be able to deliver great new volumes of premium material that satisfies the highest customer demands while ensuring global availability for our important customers, like Tetra Pak. Fully utilized KM7 will have an annual production of 550 000 tonnes. That equals board for 200 million portion packs a day.

“The investment is a big shift for the packaging industry, for the environment and for converters and brand owners. In addition KM7 will increase our availability, service level and delivery precision.” says Petra Einarsson, CEO at BillerudKorsnäs.

It’s also a scope for innovation. Growing sustainability awareness among consumers, retailers and brand-owners increases the demand for renewable and biodegradable fibre-based materials that substitutes plastics in packaging applications.

“The combination of modern technology and our strong R&D capabilities further drives our product excellence and gives great opportunities for new innovations and smarter packaging solutions together with our customers”, says Petra Einarsson.

The planned product portfolio includes liquid packaging board, cartonboard, white top kraftliner and cupstock and the target segments are mainly premium foods & beverages as well as cosmetics, pharma and health care packaging.

KM7 will start to ramp up in April 2019 and the production ramp up will initially be on white top kraftliner and cupstock. In Q4 2019 the machine will be ready to start qualifications of liquid packaging board. The first product on KM7 for Tetra Pak will be CLC/C 150 mN. BillerudKorsnäs and Tetra Pak will work close together in the qualification process to secure product quality performance.


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