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Our material is made from primary fibres, making it so strong that the packaging weight can be reduced – giving you a sustainable solution without compromising performance.

Shape to impress

Create ground-breaking shapes with the help of our structural design process.

Eye candy

Tailor-made design recommendations and packaging ideas help bring your brand to life.

Funky functionality

Realise your desired packaging form with expert help on openings, closures, pouring spouts windows and so much more.

The greater environmental awareness and sustainability focus of conscious consumers is driving demand for cartonboard to replace less sustainable packaging alternatives. BillerudKorsnäs Carton Solutions provides packaging design ideas, processes and expert knowledge to take your brand packaging design beyond the conventional. From pre-studies and design support to finished packaging concepts, with sustainability always in focus, we provide tailor-made structural designs, material selections and treatments that deliver on your objectives. We make prototypes for testing all kinds of packaging performance under realistic conditions – from shaping, creasing and endurance to print evaluation to help you create sustainable stand-out packaging across every segment – from luxury drinks, cosmetics and beauty care, to chocolate and confectionery, and pharmaceuticals.

Visual effects

We analyse, test and recommend the most suitable cartonboard, giving you excellent printing possibilities. Our packaging design services can help you find the right graphics, images, sharp details, great contrast and lifelike colour reproduction.

Dazzle and delight

We work closely with you, so your packaging demands are always met. Our team of experts have the resources at their disposal to help you create a brand experience that exudes sophistication and beauty – thoroughly tested to the highest standards.

Form, function, finesse

Utilise our in-house lab expertise to select the right packaging to enable offset printing techniques, die-cutting or unique folds to create stand-out shapes. Thanks to our strong material, packaging can be used repeatedly without breaking.

Beauty – surface deep

We never underestimate the importance of touch. We constantly examine the importance of material tactility so we can recommend unique ways in which you can add another dimension to your packaging. The surface quality of our cartonboard materials makes it ideal for hot foil stamping.

Carton Calculator – construct your packaging

With our Carton Calculator, you can optimise your packaging construction in relation to your chosen product material. Use this simple tool to define your packaging measurements, transport conditions, humidity and stacking method, to ensure you receive the best possible packaging for your requirements.

Let's work together!

BillerudKorsnäs Carton Solutions helps brand owners, converters and creative design agencies translate their packaging design ideas into reliable, stand-out packaging solutions. With our dedicated team and advanced lab equipment, we can typically develop, refine and document structural design proposals within two weeks of an agreed project brief.

Project Brief

We believe in early involvement and close partnership, helping us provide honest, reliable recommendations that allow for set objectives and packaging requirements to be met.

Packaging Innovation

With our in-depth expertise in material selection and structural design, we have the knowledge to drive innovation and generate packaging options to meet or exceed objectives and requirements.

Packaging Optimisation

Laboratory measurements, documented lab tests and validations – to evaluate, improve and optimise viable packaging options


We create CAM samples for real-life experience of structural design proposals.


Our in-depth material knowledge means we can recommend solutions with material selection, CAD drawings, CAM samples and lab report.

Training – starting early

We offer knowledge sharing with our Cartonboard School and material workshops, raising awareness and inspiring participants to create sustainable stand-out packaging.

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