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Paper carrier bags make the right impression

Different areas of retail face their own challenges. One bag needs to be a proud carrier of a premium brand. Another needs to hold the weight of a week’s worth of groceries. We can offer the strong appealing printed paper carrier bags you need.

Paper carrier bags let your brand and customer shine

Well-crafted, graphically branded bags are carried like trophies by high-end shoppers all over the world. They are used as proof that the consumers can afford premium goods and prefer respected brands. We can help you get printed paper carrier bags that match the perfect Kraft paper quality with the most creative and expressive design, crisp print and finish.

Be the shopper’s best friend

Carrier bags are the more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. They are also a much better option for carrying large quantities of groceries. Use Kraft paper and minimise material usage and grammages compared to graphical and recycled papers. Neither you nor your customers will ever have to worry about purity or food safety.

Show you can take the load

Make sure your carrier bag is the strongest possible. We test and evaluate our range of customised paper shopping bags for the most demanding applications. That's why we can offer carrier bags that are perfect for books, heavy sports equipment and electronics. We know it would be a disaster if they broke, so we make sure they don't. And that you don't have to use dangerous, extra thick plastic.

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Learn more about our materials and solutions

We can help you create new packaging, or optimise your current paper carrier bags and consumer bags. Our expertise and Bag Lab services range from insights in packaging trends and innovations, which we readily share with you, to scientific tests and analyses – giving you a truly competitive advantage.

Knowledge Sharing

Be inspired, learn more, sharpen your competitive edge with Smarter Packaging Seminars and expert knowledge about types of packaging materials, trends, innovations and sustainability.

Packaging Optimisation

Increase your competitive advantage through our packaging engineering where we evaluate, improve and optimise existing solutions.

Packaging Innovation

Get new, brand-enhancing packaging through our knowledge-driven innovation and structural packaging design that can replace a multitude of existing solutions.


Targeting plastic waste in our oceans

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