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SWAPP® to paper bag

SWAPP® Bag, with an extra P for paper, is a new way of creating sustainable packaging opportunities for pasta or other dry food products. A perfect choice for any company wanting to make a transition to paper packaging and meet new consumer demand.

We´re ready to take on your challenge

From need to prototype to production scale-up and product launch, we help you SWAPP® to paper packaging. Providing leading know-how and material that make your business grow sustainably.

A machine independent solution

SWAPP® Bags materials are designed to run on Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) machines. Regardless of machine brand, we help companies stay relevant in tomorrow’s consumer market by taking lead of their transition towards paper packaging. Leveraging our material expertise and industrial experience to review your needs and coordinating converters, machine suppliers, designers, and more to deliver an all-new packaging experience with less climate impact.

This is SWAPP® Bag

1. The perfect choice for producers of pasta or other dry food products to join forces with us and shift from plastic to sustainable paper packaging.

2. A smooth and seamless transition where we guide you through the process towards a perfect end result.

3. Including all material, know-how and contacts with designer and tech suppliers to deliver a fibre-based packaging that is tailored to all your needs.

4. Enhancing consumer experience and improving shelf attention with a natural tactile look and feel, printable for unique package designs for every function.

We understand the challenge you are facing. Over the last years we have enabled for many brand owners to shift from plastic to paper based bags, the project together with Wolf Nudeln and Alb Gold are two good examples.


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