Brief 2021: Awaken the Senses

BillerudKorsnäs – the company behind PIDA (the Packaging Impact Design Award) – is guided by a bold vision statement: We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. In the assignment for PIDA 2021, we invite the contestants to share this mindset and add new dimensions to a packaging concept. The task is to create a packaging concept that challenges the conventional by awaking the senses.

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What makes a package unique and memorable? Is it the touch, the visual impression, the sound, the scent? Or all of the above? When experiencing a package, we use all our senses and in a more and more digital world the importance of engaging all the senses is increasing. Unboxing videos showing off a new product in its package by using all senses have become very popular. A luxury brand of today has a lot to gain by taking advantage of this opportunity to get the consumers attention by touching the senses.
Consider augmented reality, sound effects, tactile surfaces, visual illusions, and ASMR. Go Google ASMR! Interesting stuff!
And consider the sustainability angle. Carefully. Because it has to be covered.

The 2021 assignment: Awaken the senses

The key word is senses.
How can you make a packaging and/or unboxing experience unique by engaging the senses? 
Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that talks to the senses and stands out. Use a fictitious brand and create a unique packaging solution. Be innovative, be bold, be playful!

Think new!

Basic rules of the competition

Entry: A sustainable, innovative, functional – and sensual! – packaging concept for a fictitious brand.
Material: CrownBoard from BillerudKorsnäs.
Target audience: Modern urban consumers with high expectations.
Market segments in focus: Cosmetics & beauty care, luxury drinks, premium food & confectionery.


  • Short film showcasing the experience of your concept and package.
  • Slideshow presentation with voiceover. (Max 3 minutes, including film)
  • A One-Pager description/explanation of the concept and a product-/package, with an outline or a drawing of the structural design of the package. See One-Pager example.
  • Three physical mock-ups/prototypes of your packaging solution.
  • NEW: For students not being able to produce physical samples to send in, due to closure of schools during the pandemic, a well-presented concept will be rated on the same basis as physical samples + concept and will be a challenger for the Gold Award as well as all other categories.

Important points of the presentation:

  • Start the presentation with a group picture of the project members and display the project name.
  • Use 16:9 format.
  • Only choose music that you have permission to use – Important for our live cast, royalty free music.
  • Try to use good equipment when recording for the best quality
  • Please see Documentation Guidelines for further details.