Pida France

WINNER Highest Level of Sustainability Award & PIDA Gold Award


IUT Reims, Reims

PIDA Gold Award
Motivation of the jury: Pida 2021 is an exceptional year! The quality of the projects and the presentation files and videos are impressive. In all these exceptional projects, we found excellence with Respice. This packaging ticks almost all the boxes in our evaluation grid, which is why it is our big winner. It is the perfect balance between innovation, sustainability, conviviality and user-friendliness. The beauty of its design is the simplicity of the idea, with a top-of-the-art execution. However, it particularly stands out in the sustainability criteria because of its material-saving and reusability. Congratulations.

Highest Level of Sustainability Award
Motivation of the jury: Re-Spice, Re-fill, Re-use, Recycle, and Re-duce the packing impact on the environment without any kind of compromise on the design. This is the kind of project we could easily imagine to be on the market shortly. Sustainability is clearly the core idea of ReSpice. It’s the proof you can do better with less.