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BillerudKorsnäs AB and its subsidiary companies(“BillerudKorsnäs”, “we” or “us”) appreciates your interest in our company and your visit to our website. Please read this Website Policy carefully.


Section 2 describes how the information on may be used in order not to infringe copyright or breach the rules for linking to the website.

Section 4, “BillerudKorsnäs’ privacy protection policy”, describes how we process your personal data. It is important to us that you know that we respect your privacy.

Section 5 explains how cookies are used on the website.

By visiting and using this website you consent to the contents of this Website Policy and BillerudKorsnäs’ processing of your personal data and use of cookies in the manner described below.

2. Visitors’ use of information on the website

The information on the website is general and should not be used as the sole basis for decisions regarding important issues. Whilst we always endeavour to ensure that the website is correct, complete and up to date, it is possible that typing errors, external influences and technical errors, etc., could result in misleading information. This means that we cannot guarantee that the information is, or be held responsible for it being, accurate, complete and up to date.

3.The content on the website is protected by copyright

The content on this website is owned by BillerudKorsnäs and protected under Swedish and international law. All rights are reserved.

Unauthorised use or distribution of the content on this website may violate copyright, trademark rights and/or other Swedish or international legislation and may be subject to legal action.

The content on this website may not be modified, transmitted, reproduced, published, licensed, transferred or sold without prior written approval from BillerudKorsnäs.

The website may contain images and other content belonging to third party copyright holders.

4.BillerudKorsnäs’ privacy protection policy

We are committed to your privacy and have a duty to fulfil the provisions of the Swedish Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204). Please read the following information regarding how we process your personal data.

Please note that BillerudKorsnäs is not responsible for your privacy or the content on external websites to which we may provide links on this website.

4.1  What does the policy include?

The policy describes how we process personal data we receive and collect through the website.

The term “personal data” means any information which, either directly or indirectly via other data, can be linked to a natural individual, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, personal identification number, IP address and logs from a web browser.

The term “processing of personal data” means any operation performed on personal data, such as the collection, storage, adaptation, disclosure or compilation of personal data.

4.2  Collection and processing of personal data

BillerudKorsnäs collects personal data such as name, e-mail address and other information which you voluntarily provide. BillerudKorsnäs also automatically receives and stores information from your web browser, such as IP address, cookie information and the pages you visit, to log files on our server.

4.3  For what purpose is personal data processed?

BillerudKorsnäs uses the information collected to respond to your requests regarding products and services, to improve the content on our website and the services we provide and to develop anonymous usage statistics.

We also use personal data for direct marketing in accordance with law and market practice. We use the information we collect with regard to how you, as a user, use of the website so that we can analyse search behaviour and be able to provide you with personalised content. Personal data may also be processed indirectly in connection with the development and administration of BillerudKorsnäs’ IT systems.

BillerudKorsnäs deletes collected personal data when the purpose of the processing has been completed.

4.4  Disclosure of personal data to a third party

BillerudKorsnäs will not sell your personal data to a third party. We only share personal data with other companies in the BillerudKorsnäs Group of Companies, with business partners who process personal data on BillerudKorsnäs’ behalf, and when we are required to do so in accordance with law or decisions by public authorities. Where personal data is transferred to Group companies and partners outside the EU/EEA, it is BillerudKorsnäs’ responsibility to ensure that such personal data is protected in the same way as in the EU/EEA, for example by putting data transfer agreements in place.

4.5  Your right to extracts and correction of your personal data, and contact details to BillerudKorsnäs

BillerudKorsnäs AB is responsible for the processing of personal data which takes place within the BillerudKorsnäs Group of Companies. If you have any questions concerning this policy, or otherwise regarding BillerudKorsnäs’ processing of personal data, you should contact BillerudKorsnäs AB using the contact details indicated below.

If you would like information regarding BillerudKorsnäs’ processing of your personal data, you have the right once per calendar year to request an extract of our records showing what data about you we are processing. The request for such an extract must be made in writing, include your name, personal identification number, and signature and be sent to the address indicated below. You have the right to have incorrect personal data deleted or corrected.

5. BillerudKorsnäs’ use of cookies

On this website we use cookies in order to give you the best possible experience when you visit the site.

5.1 What is a cookie and what is it used for?

A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit stores on your computer (or a similar device, such as a tablet or mobile phone).

There are two types of cookies - persistent cookies and session cookies. This website uses both types of cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored as a file on your computer for a certain period of time until they are deleted by the visitor to the website or the server that sent them.

Session cookies are stored temporarily while the visitor is browsing on a webpage and disappear when the visitor closes their web browser.

5.2 Cookies on this website

The website uses session cookies to facilitate the use of the website. Both session cookies and persistent cookies are used to collect statistics regarding use of the website. The cookies used include Google Analytics, a persistent cookie used to register visitors and sessions. The cookie is updated each time the website is visited. The personal data collected is used to measure and analyse visitor patterns as well as to improve the website's features and the user’s experience of it. HubSpot is a persistent cookie used to gather information to follow up on sales campaigns and marketing, as well as for marketing purposes. The HubSpot cookie can, among other things, be used to administer the mailing of BillerudKorsnäs’ newsletter.

5.3 Consent to the use of cookies

According to the Swedish Act on Electronic Communication (SFS 2003:389), everyone who visits a website with cookies shall have access to information that the website contains cookies and how such cookies are used. The visitor must also consent to the use of cookies.

5.4 If you do not want to accept cookies

If you do not want to accept any cookies, you can set your web browser to block cookies. However, this may mean that you do not have full access to all pages and functions on the website.

Visit for more information on how to handle and remove cookies.

5.5 Cookies inserted by third parties via social networks

BillerudKorsnäs’ website may, on occasion, embed content and sharing tools from social networks such as YouTube. The suppliers of these services may, as a consequence, use cookies on BillerudKorsnäs’ website. BillerudKorsnäs has no access to, and no control over, these cookies or the information they collect. You should check the websites of the suppliers concerned for further information about these cookies and how you can opt out of receiving them.

6. Updating the website policy and contact details

BillerudKorsnäs may, at any time, revise this website policy by posting an updated version on the website.

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this website policy, please contact us at:

BillerudKorsnäs AB

PO Box 703

SE-169 27 Solna, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)8 553 335 00