Our view of sustainability

The starting point for BillerudKorsnäs’ view of sustainability is an understanding that everything has potential for improvement.

Our aim is to be a responsible and profitable player in a long-term sustainable society. That is why we work daily to develop our sustainability work with the emphasis on three areas: how we create increased customer value, how we contribute to a sustainable and bio-based society, and how we take responsibility in all areas of the value chain. We have made six commitments to achieve this. In this way, we maximise BillerudKorsnäs’ positive contribution to a sustainable future while simultaneously minimising the company’s negative impact.

We work continuously to improve our own activities, and our opportunities to exert influence run both backwards and forwards through the value chain. Taking responsibility at every stage from selecting raw materials to recycling is therefore a lodestone for us. We want to assure the well-being of both people and forests, and our aim is for material and packaging to be as efficient and resource-economical as possible.

To ensure a responsible value chain, we commit to:

  • Promote responsibility from raw material supply and production to recycling
  • Provide engaging workplaces, where safety, diversity and human rights are a priority


With a responsible value chain and responsible forestry as our foundations, we work tirelessly to encourage the conversion to a sustainable, bio-based society. In order to succeed in this aim, it is essential that we reduce dependency on fossil raw materials and energy sources. Renewable raw materials constitute the core of our business. We ensure this by supplying high-quality, bio-based packaging solutions to people all over the world. We are also convinced that we have a role to play when it comes to tackling global challenges linked to the ever-expanding population. An increasing population, combined with rising prosperity, inevitably boosts demand for those products we hold most dear: renewable, recyclable packaging that helps reduce waste.

To boost the transition towards a sustainable and bio-based society, we commit to:


  • Combat climate change throughout the value chain
  • Generate value for society through collaboration, both locally and globally

BillerudKorsnäs has lofty ambitions when it comes to the impact our products have on society. One way for us to apply positive influence in society is by working closely with companies and organisations at local and global level. Collaboration of this kind is crucial to progress towards a sustainable society, where more emphasis than today is placed on the potential of renewable material. Our work and our partnerships focus on sustainable innovation. Through innovation, the market for renewable packaging material will continue to grow, and we are teaming up with our business partners to develop unique understanding of the needs of the end users – and the demands made on today’s packaging solutions.

In our striving to increase customer value, we commit to:

  • Improve our customers’ business using our knowledge on sustainable packaging solutions
  • Through innovation expand the market of renewable packaging materials