Raw material

The forest is a resource that meets many needs. Our production units transform about 10 million cubic metres of wood raw material into packaging material every year. Managing the forest affects it in different ways.

Our impact:

  • Changing the carbon balance. Harvesting increases the breakdown of the biomaterial in the soil, which increases emissions. When new trees start to grow, they bind carbon dioxide in again, plus more besides
  • Taking into account the way the forest is a social and cultural asset as an area for recreation
  • The forest is home to many species of fungi, flora and fauna, some of which are affected positively, others negatively

Value creation

We carry out sustainable forestry taking into account biodiversity and the forest’s capacity to bind carbon. We also work actively to increase the proportion of certified privately owned forest in Sweden.

Other materials


The water is used to wash pulp in several stages during manufacture. In total, virtually all the process water is recycled and reused in the production units. According to our examples, process water is used 30–50 times before being sent for biopurification; it can vary between the sites.


96.7% of our energy comes from renewable sources like the forest.

Bought electricity comes from:

  • Hydropower and
  • Bioproduction from forests

We are constantly working to be as fossil free as possible. See climate work.