Material production

BillerudKorsnäs’ production units account for the company’s
most significant impact from its production of pulp, paper and

Our impact:

  • Direct impact through the production units’ emissions to air and water
  • Indirect impact through energy consumption and use of raw materials, such as chemicals, in production

Value creation

All our production units are quality and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 90001 and ISO 14001 and our Swedish units are also certified in accordance with ISO 50001. We are working to phase out fossil fuels and work constantly on energy-saving measures and ambitious climate targets. We carry out extensive product development and innovation work to reduce our consumption of resources and our emissions, improve logistics efficiency and encourage recycling.

We offer work placements for students and summer jobs for local young people. The production plants are located in small communities, where we offer high-quality jobs that contribute towards long-term local development. Read more.