The business purchases raw materials, products, energy and services, mainly in Europe. The general assessment is that our risk exposure is low as the overwhelming majority of the total purchasing volume is in Europe. Three-quarters of wood raw material in Europe is of Swedish origin. Pulp used for production in Finland and the UK is bought in both internally and from external suppliers. There is also purchasing in Asia, for the business segment Managed Packaging

Our impact:

Making high demands of suppliers, planners and timber purchasers

  • Improving the supplier evaluation and follow-up process
  • General transition to fossil-free production

Value creation

We take responsibility for ensuring that the wood raw material we buy in and harvest is produced responsibly. We set strict competence requirements for our planners and timber purchasers to ensure that high conservation values in the forest can be identified and the right environmental conservation action taken. We also buy in electricity with certificates of origin. BillerudKorsnäs has set ambitious climate targets in line with Science Based Targets which include climate impact from purchased energy, chemicals and other indirect emissions. Read more about our view of responsible business.