Our climate strategy

- Entirely phase out fossil fuels from industrial production and work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases along the value chain.

Climate change caused by greenhouse gases poses a growing and serious threat to global sustainable development. BillerudKorsnäs believes that climate change risks jeopardising the future in economic, environmental and social terms.

Our vision is therefore to entirely phase out fossil fuels from our own industrial production. We want to help minimise climate change through our products from renewable raw material replacing other materials with a more negative impact. We are working towards a sustainable future, as part of which we are cutting emissions of greenhouse gases in our own operations and along the supply chain.

Our climate work is underpinned by

  • Sustainability targets for reduced fossil fuel use in production and emissions from transport, plus supplier evaluations.
  • Production investments and efficiencies that improve environmental and energy performance.
  • Transparent external and internal reporting that drives activities, as well as adding value for and creating expectations among our stakeholders.
  • Increased awareness internally about environmental impacts through management statements, sustainability reporting, articles on the intranet and training courses.