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A unique gathering for cleaner oceans

The meeting in August of 2015 at the island of Kastellholmen in the heart of Stockholm, brought together researchers, top politicians and the business community to discuss the acute environmental challenges facing our great oceans. The guest of honour was of course the research ship Tara and her crew. 

Acknowledged guests discussed the future

Despite weather forecasts of strong winds, it turned out to be a sunny and only moderately windy gathering at Kastellholmen. We got the latest research news and listened to clever solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Tara’s crew welcomed the guests on board and some well-known personalities took to the stage. Among others, former PM Göran Persson and Isabella Lövin, Minister for International Development Coorperation, were present. Tara’s visit was enjoyed and publicised by several representatives from the news media as well as technical and environmental publications. Below you can read a selection of what was said on stage.

Snippets from the seminar:

"Sustainability must include an economic dimension and forests play an important part in this. Sweden’s forestry industry is a world leader and the country’s forests have created much of the wellbeing we enjoy today. Forestry is now entering a new bio-economic phase, in which forests can be used to create chemicals, textiles, food and medicine. Wood can be used for everything that oil can be used for. The forestry industry is criticised by many, but Swedish forests are growing faster than ever and we have never had so much forest as we have now. Forestry is our single biggest contribution to combating the greenhouse effect"
- Göran Persson, former Prime Minister of Sweden

"Cooperation is extremely important if we are to create sustainable development. Research can contribute with knowledge, the business community can take advantage of the researchers’ findings to develop sustainable products, and decision-makers can create the right conditions. I hope that the upcoming climate summit in Paris, COP21, will lead to tougher multilateral climate rules"
- Per Lindberg, CEO, BillerudKorsnäs

"We are in a unique situation where representatives from the business community want tougher environmental guidelines and I welcome Per Lindberg’s suggestions for stricter legislation. We need to manage resources in a smarter way and I feel that it is bizarre that plastic, a finite resource, is much cheaper than renewables. We must set a price on the environment."
- Isabella Lövin, Minister for International Development Cooperation
"The Baltic Sea is the most polluted enclosed sea in the world, with little supply of fresh seawater. The average depth is only just over 50 metres, compared to 1,500 metres in the Mediterranean. The coastline is 8,000 kilometres long. Alongside the direct effects of the five countries with a Baltic coast, there are five further countries whose river-borne pollution damages the sea. We estimate that it will take 60–70 years for the Baltic Sea to recover, providing that we reverse the trend now."
- Göran Lindstedt, MD, Sustainable Seas

"It is important that when we work with sustainability issues, we also talk about the efforts we are making. At Löfbergs we write press releases, are active on social media and talk openly about our sustainability projects. I believe that it is also necessary for businesses to be open about the challenges facing them. Around 95 per cent of our total impact occurs during primary production and we can achieve the best results if we work together."
- Eva Eriksson, Director of Sustainability, Löfbergs