About our program

We want to combine next generations’ ideas with our accumulated expertise to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

BillerudKorsnäs Graduate Trainee Program

Our Graduate Trainee program is part of our efforts to ensure a supply of strategic expertise to the company. The program is designed to build a strong base for individual and professional growth and it is the perfect start to an interesting career.

As a Trainee, you will be appointed to one of the 16 permanent positions at one of our production units in Sweden (Gävle, Gruvön, Skärblacka, Frövi) or at our head office in Solna. These 16 specific positions have been strategical identified within the company where we need young talents that can grow within the company. During the trainee year, you will combine real responsibilities in your specific position at your home department with trainee activities. The time spent at your home department will focus on introducing you to your home department and your role. In addition to this, the group of trainees conducts regular themed visits based on our 3 business areas to some of our production units and the head office to learn more about BillerudKorsnäs as a whole. You are also given the chance to work a shift on the production line and to complete a one month long assignment abroad at one of BillerudKorsnäs’ 17 customer service centers somewhere in the world (locations such as Barcelona, Shanghai, Miami, Dubai etc.). Together with current talents in our organization you will also participate in several training sessions on topics such as leadership, strategy, internationalization, financial goals, innovation and business development. During the year, you will also complete projects on key strategic areas for our top leaders.

With us, you will be given responsibility early in your career, in which we believe in open communication and feedback on day-to-day performance. We believe that an important motivational factor is that every employee sees their part in and contribution to our purpose and goals. During the program you will be supported by your Manager, a mentor, and previous trainees within the company. After finishing the trainee program you will continue your journey at BillerudKorsnäs, working fulltime at the home department into which you were recruited. You will then have an invaluable network, deep understanding of our business and entire value chain and a broad foundation for a continued career with us.

Did you know…

BillerudKorsnäs sells 2,640,000 tonnes of packaging materials annually. That is an enormous number that can be difficult to grasp. If we assume that every package in this sample calculation weighs 25 grams on average, there is enough material for nearly 106 billion packages per year. That corresponds to 290 million packages per day. The global population is just over 7 billion people. If we estimate one package per individual, then BillerudKorsnäs supplies packages to 4.1 percent of the global population every day.