Hanhaa enables real time parcel tracking that communicates location and condition of packages being shipped no matter country or carrier. ParceLive, their small sized trackers with build in sensors and positioning made returnable to sender via mail makes the solution cost-efficient and flexible. To learn more about Hanhaa click here.           

Kezzler is a global leader in serialization technologies and operated platform designed for industrial scale. Kezzler’s mission is to standardize serialization and change global business practices by making product items digitally unique and interactive. To learn more about Kezzler click here.      

EcoXpac is an innovative company specialized in designing, developing and implementing process solutions for moulded fibre bottles. Since its establishment in 2005, the company follows a strategy striving to introduce fiber-based products into previously non-utilized categories. To learn more about EcoXpac click here.      

BioBag produces and markets bio-plastic bags, sacks and films for industries within waste management, retail, HORECA, industrial applications, and agriculture while maintaining a primary focus on using renewable, biodegradable, and certified compostable raw materials. To learn more about BioBag click here.