Our focus areas

We seek innovative packaging-related solutions with emphasis on following areas:

Paper Bottles

We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. Our ambition is to challenge conventional packaging for carbonated beverages by offering a sustainable paper bottle packaging including a complete system to produce them. The focus is to utilize pulp moulding technologies and combine this with novel barrier technologies, closures solutions, and efficient production methods. We seek companies with technologies or ideas that enables this new packaging concept to become a reality and to bring the solution to the market.

Cold Chain Solutions

Packaging for temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, fresh food and groceries is rapidly growing in demand. Expanded use of medicines together with stricter regulations concerning distribution practice, increases the demand and requirements of packaging and logistics for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. Also, increasing time pressure of our busy lives and seek of convenient solutions have led many consumers to try ready-composed meal kit boxes. Last mile delivery of both meal kits and other groceries poses different type of challenges for packaging and choosing a right packaging is crucial to maintain the cold chain. At the same time, we are more and more conscious about the environmental impact that we are making and therefore seek more sustainable solutions both as a consumer and brand owner.

BillerudKorsnäs aims to be a part of this journey and therefore seeks sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for cold chain logistics

Internet of packaging

Packaging is at the verge of digital transformation. Technological advances in mobile connectivity, big data management and digital manufacturing makes it possible today to cost-effectively produce and keep track of individual packages surrounding everyday life. We believe packages will become nodes linking physical products to digital information, enabling an exponential growth of applications and packaging related services in for instance e-commerce, logistics and consumer engagement. Tracking and monitoring goods in transit, increased levels of transparency to ensure that the content is genuine and safe, opening a two-way channel for dialogue between brand owners and consumers via the package. We seek scalable solutions and business models essential in this digital transformation of packaging