Code of Conduct

BillerudKorsnäs Code of Conduct provides a common base of reference for how we shall behave towards one another and our stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct brings together our values, attitudes and guidelines for our behavior and actions, both as individuals and as a company. The purpose with the Code of Conduct is to establish what the Group stands for and where representatives can find additional information.

The Code of Conduct is guided by our values  Place our customer in the centre, Dare to innovate, Lead the change and Care for each other. Through the Code, individuals are provided with clear expectations and guidance in the daily work within key areas such as safety, responsible business, inclusion and human rights.

Our Code of Conduct is largely based on international standards that BillerudKorsnäs has committed to, such as the UN Global Compact and its ten principles. The Code constitutes the highest level of the Group´s framework for steering documents and is the starting point for our policies and rules for conduct.

We encourage all persons to report known or suspected serious wrongdoings under the Code of Conduct and/or related Group Policies. Reports can be made anonymously through BillerudKorsnäs Speak-Up Line.

BillerudKorsnäs Board of Directors approves the Code of Conduct. The current version is valid from 15 March 2021.

For responsible purchasing, BillerudKorsnäs applies BillerudKorsnäs Supplier Code of Conduct. Read more here.

You can download the Code of Conduct here


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