Code of conduct

BillerudKorsnäs Code of Conduct brings together the values, attitudes and guidelines governing our relations with each other and with society at large.

The Code of Conduct covers the following areas:


  • Compassion and responsibility – rights and responsibilities as individuals
  • Care and consideration – in relationships with customers and employees
  • A part of society – responsibility for sustainable development locally and globally
  • Our employees – a safe and stimulating working environment with a focus on equality
  • Consideration for the environment – renewable raw materials and climate smart products
  • Our customers’ confidence – attentiveness and responsibility for the products
  • Close to our business partners – good business ethics and an open dialogue
  • Responsibility to our owners – long-term, stable and sustainable increase in value
  • Application and compliance – code for everyone, incidents are reported Read more.

You can download the code of conduct here

You can download the Supplier code of conduct here

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