Innovate together for sustainability

We cannot challenge the conventional alone. Our ability to establish strong, dedicated collaboration networks with key customers, suppliers, brand owners, start-ups and universities has been an innovation success factor for many years. A strong external research portfolio, including bi- and multilateral collaborations with leading scientists in the world, is a tool to effectively generate state of the art know-how. We continuously scout for new sustainable materials and enabling new technologies.

Curiosity and openness to other people’s ideas are crucial in finding synergies and creating joint development projects with converters, brand owners and other actors. Broad collaborative projects are invaluable in laying the foundation for more radical research result.
Here are examples of projects that we are driving right now.

Future Innovation Projects


The Paper Bottle. A paper bottle in every hand – that’s what the future will look like. Imagine that all plastic packaging in your store one day has disappeared, and eventually all glass bottles and metal cans. That all packages are made of renewable materials that can be recycled or returned to nature without harm. The sustainable and commercial potential is huge. After six years we are now approaching the first test launch. We are under the name Papboco, now together with our partner Alpla, creating a complete ecosystem for paper bottles.


The Paper Battery. What if paper packaging could tell us if the food is fresh or what temperature the medicines have experienced during the transport. Soon it will be possible to store energy in a paper battery. With new techniques, it is possible for sensors to measure the key elements of packaged goods such as temperature, pressure, light and others. But for the sensors to be able to work, they need energy. Energy storage in paper instead of metal enables production of bio-based batteries that can be included in circular recycling systems. With electrodes based on cellulose from wood fibre, the ambition is that in the future, it will be possible to recycle batteries along with their boxes and make them into new boxes or paper batteries, which would provide huge sustainability benefits.


U Bent Paper Straws. Together with the Paper Straw Co, BillerudKorsnäs has developed the first functional 180° U-Bend straw, made out of paper. The straw is made to be used for individual drink cartons such as juice, milk and water. The long term market potential as well as positive sustainability impact is extensive. Made out of FibreForm, a uniquely shapable paper patented by BillerudKorsnäs, the U-Bend paper straw is durable and recyclable. The straw based on materials from sustainably sourced forests is also biodegradable, resulting in a positive impact on pollution and littering compared to plastic straws.


BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm Caps is an innovative alternative to the traditional metal caps used for sparkling wine around the world. It looks just as good as metal including embossing and excellent print quality, but is made of 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable primary fibre paper from well-managed forests.

The Paper Bottle Project

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The Paper Battery Project

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