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Annual and Sustainability Report 2016

Q4 2017

Stable result


Q1 2017

Growing again

Q2 2017

Good prospects

Q3 2017

Good demand and stable results

Q4 2017

Stable result


Annual and Sustainability Report 2016

Q1 2016

Stable markets and stable performance despite slow ramp-up

Q2 2016

Stability and production platform investment

Q3 2016

Firm performance in line with plans

Q4 2016

Preparing for the future


Annual Review 2015

Annual Report 2015

Sustainability Report 2015

Q1 2015

Best quarterly performance

Q2 2015

Strong result impacted by extra costs from upgrade

Q3 2015

Strong performance and structural opportunities

Q4 2015

Quarterly financials hampered by production problems


Annual report 2014

Annual Review 2014

Sustainability Report 2014

Q1 2014

First-quarter results provide evidence of strenght

Q2 2014

Stable second-quarter results

Q3 2014

Continued evidence of strength in third-quarter

Q4 2014

Stable fourth quarter ends a strong 2014