Degree Project

At BillerudKorsnäs, your degree project is not just part of your education; it is also an excellent chance for us to get to know our potential future employees. If you do your degree project with us, you will have the opportunity to use your knowledge in our exciting business which improves conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

Degree projects at BillerudKorsnäs are always conducted based on the company’s needs and the conditions are excellent for great guidance. For example, degree projects may be completed in areas such as Production, Maintenance, Process Development, R&D, Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing, IT, Market, Accounting & Finance and HR. Most of our degree projects are connected to our production and consequently carried out locally at our production plants.

Degree project advantages

Completing your degree project at BillerudKorsnäs is a great way to get to know us as your potential future employer while giving you the chance to show off your skills. You will have the opportunity to work with interesting and challenging issues while making valuable contacts for the future. It is important that the time in which you carry out your degree project is stimulating both for you and for us. We therefore seek students with the right drive, professionalism and innovative force that can challenge us to improve our business.

Are you interested in carrying out your degree project with us? Under “Available degree projects” we regularly post degree projects for which you are welcome to apply. Our defined degree projects are published here, and you can also submit an inquiry to the plant that best suits you. You also have the chance to submit your own idea for a degree project in BillerudKorsnäs there.

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